When Do Scheduled C Sections Happen

Most scheduled C-sections occur at 39 weeks' gestation Dr Brimmage says While a baby is considered full-term starting at 37 weeks and ready for life outside the womb babies benefit from staying inside the womb until 39 weeks when possible.

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According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ACOG a vaginal birth after cesarean also known as VBAC can be a safe and appropriate option VBAC can work for many women who've had one or even two previous cesarean deliveries.

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After lifting the baby out, the doctor will close the incision in the uterus with stitches that dissolve and use stitches or staples to close the incision on your abdomen.

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One in 3 babies born in the US arrives via C-section Find out what to expect during a planned C-section and an emergency C-section.

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