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Class 1 Business and Law Introduction Understand the structure of the entire lecture of business law.


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Comm 304 notes january law rules and regulations current 2014 law comes from two sources statues act code legislation government laws enactments law.

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Business law consists of many different areas taught in law school and business school curricula including Contracts the law of Corporations and other.

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Commercial law regulates corporate contracts hiring practices and the manufacture and sales of consumer goods Many countries have adopted civil codes.

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BUS101 Introduction to Business Course Introduction Time 6 hours Unit 1 The Context of Business Unit 2 Entrepreneurship and Legal Forms of Business.

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Lesson Plan Introduction to American law and legal system application of stare decisis.

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Topics covered are Topic 1 Introduction to business Law Topic 2 Structure and jurisdiction of courts in Kenya Topic 3 Elements of public law.

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These Lecture notes have been prepared by Kisilwa Zaharani Business.

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